‘Polcoder’ - (Theme developer) is very helpful and responds to every ticket request promptly. I congratulate him for this build it is clean and a real pleasure to work with. Combine this Theme with the new Presatshop responsive engine and you have a winner.

I have watched Prestashop grow up from an 'Infant' to a rebel 'Teen' it is now an Edgy and Gutsy CMS thanks to its Development Crew, they have moved steadily forward with this build.

How significant is this build, to me personally using artistic narratives and giving myself a poetic license to do so…  It feels like I am on a Prestashop Viking ship watching them emerge from a calm misty sea ready to make new land.

This is a huge shift in the CMS Web world

I am really looking forward to RIPPING it UP

The ‘Revolutionary Slider’ that came with the Zensation Theme is Awesome! A creative person’s wet dream.

It has not been all plain sailing, I have had my share of problems, mostly self-made.

They call it ‘learning’ yeah right last big rebuild I did was 3 years ago, I call it old age and ‘they’ can have their hot sauce, I like mine cold anyway.  

One pleasant surprise is the out of the box load speed with this beautiful ‘Zensation Theme’ I will say it again ‘a real honey’. To qualify this I did speed tests with my old theme 41144 on the prestashop before replacing it with this new theme. I did my speed test using www.tools.pingdom.com Note: I have not done any speed optimisation yet. The Zensation Theme out of the box loaded twice as fast as my old theme, now! That is money in the bank.

Not to get too excited though for all those speed freaks out there, I have built my site on a shared server. For those who don’t know what a shared servers is, they are just that a shared server where website load speeds very dependent on how many people you are sharing your server with at the same time.

For a start-up websites shared severs are fine unless you want to spend thousands on getting someone else to build your site and ringing them every five minutes to change something. You are better off rolling up your sleeves and start ‘dogging it with us gutter snipes’ and learn the trade. You could not pick a better time to jump in and ‘JUST DO IT’ especially with the beautiful themes and the new sporty Prestashop with its new responsive engine the world is our oyster.

Once we have done our apprenticeship we can easily migrate to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) twice the price twice the speed.

So sit down with me and chew the fat, share a yarn or two, drink from the billy, have a cup of 'Hope' then let go and ravage this brave new world.

Only to happy to help anyone. 

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