Hell what are they thinking of? has the movie industry gone nuts? How you can do such an epic TV series justice with a 2 hr. movie? Shit you may as well piss in a bucket and call it an ocean.

I think the Cylons are running the movie industry no that would be unfair on all Cylons.

Sure you will get a lot of action explosion, robots, blood, I guarantee this movie will not have any real guts to it.

I would forgive them if they gave it to Peter Jackson and did it in three series. (A 2 hr. movie unforgivable).

This leads to the real problem we face in the movie industry today all bang! To try and get our bucks.

Movies are at risk of losing the real art of storytelling we want to be moved by what we see we want to feel it and be emotional stirred by what the movie and its story has to offer.

While I am a great fan of action movies they are becoming shallow and are beginning to lose perspective. With a lot of Action movies today it is like watching some kind of mixed up kid’s Pixer movie in an epic full feature movie format with the witty one liners. Come on do you think we are that stupid. How desperate is the movie industry to roll out such crap are we witnessing the end of Real Epic Movies?

Please let this be a cross road experience – PLEASE!

Another way of summing this up I went on a cruise just recently – Lucky me – no – really lucky me I thoroughly enjoyed it. What has this got to do with crap Movies?

On the Cruise there was food for Africa everywhere as much as you could eat. On the second or third day I walked around the whole shooting match and came back with only an orange juice. My wife asked me why I had not got anything. I told her everything looks fantastic but most of it tastes like crap.

My sister is a Chef she always gets asked, why does your food always taste better? She say’s because it is made with love.

Now this may sound corny but true there is a trend with a lot of movies getting packaged up to look fantastic but are not as good as they look. They cannot be made with love rather made with assembly line precision with robotic like feature to them blended with a slight hint of humanism.

Movies are going back to the resurrection hub were they are reborn Frak! Movies are turning into Cylons

Where’s Starbuck when you need her?

I love going to the movies give me hope – SO SAY WE ALL!